The Corner House Restaurant and Pub is proud to offer a wide variety of functions packages to help you have the best event imaginable. Whether you want to host a family get-together or want to host your very own wedding reception, we are one of the best events halls to do it.


Our food range is exceptional, with traditional pub foods that are sure to please and a new menu of vegan foods for those wanting a healthier alternative. Our event space is entirely children and dog-friendly, and we are one of the few pubs in the area that has an open-air space for you to truly make the most out of any summer event you host with us.

Our team will help you make your event truly exceptional, and with our prime location in Windsor, we are the perfect place to go out and enjoy the rest of what Windsor has to offer. Perhaps you want to host a party before a big race, or maybe you have been looking tirelessly for a Windsor wedding venue that suits your tastes. With our traditional and contemporary décor and newly renovated premises, we have everything you need to make your event magical.

When you book an event with us, you gain access to our menu of incredible foods and drinks. We offer so much at our bar alone; there isn’t another place in all of Windsor you will need to go to get your drink of choice. Not only do we offer craft beers and ales, but we also have a vast collection of craft gin to choose from.

So book with us today and enjoy quality food, exceptional service, and a truly cosy atmosphere.



The Corner House Pub has been recently renovated, ensuring the best possible event space for your party. This event space can be booked out whenever you need to, as it’s available for hire, as is our upstairs event space. Perfect for parties up to 80 people standing, and a 1am bar license, we are the ideal place to hold parties of all kinds. It also boasts plenty of light, surround-sound speakers, and a fully stocked bar.


Your guests won’t have to wander far to get here, either, as we are only located a short distance away from the train station and the castle itself. With trains and night buses available, you can rest assured all your guests will be able to get home safely.



Our fantastic pub is a great place to host a variety of business meetings and events. With great food and plenty of drinks to choose from, all of your guests will be sure to be pleased. If you need more than a reserved table, however, our event space is roomy enough to house up to 40 people sitting down, making our pub one of the biggest event spaces in Windsor. Hire us for a conference, a meeting, or even just for a celebration. We have screens, surround-sound, and all the tools you could need.




Host a party, and we are here for you! With an event space that can house up to 80 people standing, surround sound, screens, and dedicated staff on hand to help you make the most out of your party, you are sure to have an incredible time.



Host your big birthday bash with us. Not only do we offer a fully stocked bar and surround sound you can connect your music to, but we also have a liquor license that allows us to stay open until 1am. As our pub is located a short walk away from the station, any of your friends who cannot afford that Uber will easily be able to catch a night bus home.



Perfect for receptions, our beautiful first-floor event room can be the ideal place to not only hold the toasts but to also feed your guests and enjoy our fully stocked bar. We offer incredibly competitive prices and have an outdoor area to enjoy.